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Download options are changing

We have been using Google Drive as a primary means of sharing our releases, alongside Mega, the last few weeks. With that we have begun to get DMCA notices from Google that will no doubt lead to the Drives being deleted if we do not figure something out. So as not to have to re-upload and re-share 4 TB worth of Anime and Manga, we will be un-sharing all Google Drive links today.

Zippyshare is taking the place of Drive.

While we are removing Drive it is being replaced with Zippyshare. If you are not familiar with it, they do not throttle download speeds and are completely free.

Mega and Zippyshare will be our open Download options listed in posts.

What are we doing with our Drive?

We will move it to a donator only option.By doing this we can manage the people viewing it as well as giving you some added benefits of supporting us and keeping us up and running. This will keep us from exposing our Drive links to DMCA bots and reports. By donating you will have direct access to our Drives and can click through and find any of our releases. The Drive will still be maintained as we currently do.

After today none of the Google Drive links will work.