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Freaks Top 5 Anime (It most likely will change)

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Boku no Hero Academia Season 2

Freaks Top 5 Anime (It most likely will change)

So as you can tell, we have overwhelmed the site with Anime as of late. DetectiveComics is no doubt moody over this, but what is new? 🙂 Since we started posting Anime we have been fortunate to bring a new member to our team Itachi71. He will be posting all of our Summer Anime and I will continue to post the old shit.

I have watched Anime for a long time now, but it has been a VERY off/on thing. So here is my Current “Top 5” Anime list that if I was talking Anime in passing I’d recommend. As always if you have a different Top 5 post it and we will put it in the post to share 🙂

(We’d add the image here but I mean its in the damned title so just look above if you need to see it)

1. My Hero Academia

Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3

It has a bit of comedy and a lot of action. It reminds me of how great Naruto and Bleach could have been if they didn’t fill it with 100 episodes of unnecessary crap.

All I knew about this show before 2 days ago was the main character was a green haired guy that was overly dramatic (so drama like every anime character ever). However, what I didn’t expect was a complex group of characters and a story that CONSTANTLY gave me a story I wanted more of.

So what I am saying… Watch My Hero Academia NOW, even if you don’t care about Anime at all. It is a great series that I hope holds up beyond Season 1, which I am currently on.

2. Bleach

Bleach Ep 1-150 | Ep 151-342

I have a lot of Anime that I thought to put above this because the filler episodes are SOOOOOO many. But the story in itself is great. Just know that you will have some amazing episodes then a few you will just have to skip past. FYI when you are questioning if this episode has anything to do with the overall story of Bleach…just skip it ;).

3. Attack on Titan

Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3 :re

So I honestly first learned about this show from seeing it as an Xbox Game. I thought why the hell am I looking an inside out dude starring over a wall. Just shoot and kill the weird looking dude and life can go on.

Then I decided to watch the show, in DUB I know a cardinal sin, and it is short of amazing. It is quite comical to watch naked Titans in all shapes and forms running in weird ass ways trying to breach the walls and Season 1 ends in a great twist.

Season 2 is as good if not better than Season 1 so check it out!

4. Tokyo Ghoul

Season 1 | Would post Season 2 but it is a trash panda so search yourself…

So I was going to put Naruto here, but Season 1 of Ghoul gets to the point. (Don’t give me the Manga is better shit I don’t care).. The first episode starts out intense and while it has some downtime, it is a great Season 1…but Season 2 🙁

5. Samurai Champloo

One Season of Greatness

From the same people who made Cowboy Bebop, BTW should be on the list but I am trying to include some more recent stuff. This is a show that would really captivate people who aren’t into Anime. Just watch it already!

Other stuff I am watching but not far enough into it to recommend so it might be good/not…

  • Death Note
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

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