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Sun-Ken Rock Vol. 1-25 + Extras (2006-2016)

https://thecomicshq.com/wp-content/uploads/-000//1/5413845-01.jpgSun-Ken Rock Vol. 1-25 + Extras (2006-2016)

The story revolves around Ken, a man from an upper-class family that was orphaned young due to his family’s involvement with the Yakuza; he became a high school delinquent known for fighting. The only thing that motivates him to take action is through his romantic affections for a classmate, Yumi. After learning she decided to move to Korea to become a police officer, Ken leaves his life in Japan behind and tries to follow in Yumi’s footsteps; due to unforeseen circumstances, he incidentally becomes the head of a local gang and tries to hide it from Yumi. As the leader, the gang is renamed the Sun-Ken Rock Group.


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